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Heather Downie 

Online Teaching Specialist
Principal Scottish Harp Tutor at
the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Hi, I'm Heather

I'm on a mission to help all harpists - beginners right to advanced, all ages, all nations - everyone!

I want to empower, inspire and encourage you to feel happy, fulfilled and confident in your playing, music and yourself.
learn with me

It's about so much more than learning tunes...

I want to help harpists just like you learn the tools you need to play any piece you want.

Teaching skills and technique.

Quality not quantity.

Providing a safe and open community to ask questions and recieve professional guidance.

Ok, let's get real.  What can I actually help you with?

I will to help you become a better harpist, and that is about so much more than just tunes. I will help you to learn in new, exciting and successful ways. Together we will develop better technique and sound production so everything you play sounds fantastic! I will help you understand harmony so you feel confident about coming up with chords and arrangements. I will share the context and history of the music you play so you can enjoy it on a deeper emotional level.

But most of all, together we can get confident and happy in ourselves and our harping.  This is the key.  If you feel happy and positive about your harp journey you will play more and more...and if you play more and more you will become the best harpist you can be!!

A journey of 1,000 steps...

Sometimes this harping journey can feel long and never ending, as well as complicated!

I am all about keeping things simple, and giving small, clear and managemable steps.

A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.  And I will show you where to put every foot!

Why learn with me?

Because I am fully qualified and very experienced.

It is really important for me to make sure I am offering a high quality and professional service to my students. I have a first class honours degree in harp, and a postgraduate diploma in harp performance.

I feel strongly about constantly updating what I offer and ensuring I am in the best position to support you and all my students. Currently I am completing a Masters in Education specialising in learning and teaching the arts.

On top of my qualifications I have over 20 years experience teaching students of all ages and abilities.

Let's do this!
learn with me

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