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A job or a passion?

My passion for music is something I have had for as long as I can remember.

My passion for people is the same, people are fascinating!

I think the joining of these two passions translates to my love of teaching.  Watching people change and grow, sharing in their struggles and their wins, the privillage of being part of that learning journey, I am so lucky in what I do!


BA Hons (1st Class) Scottish Music Principal Study Harp
PGDip with Distinction Performance Studies in Scottish Harp
MEd Learning and Teaching the Arts (currently completing) 

My journey so far...

So how did I get to where I am now?  It's been a long road, sometimes a steep one, sometimes a winding one and always an exciting one!  Let's break this down...




trip to the ballet, front row seats with my Mum. Came away is a fascination for harp…not a desire to become a ballerina…sorry mum!

Cue 10 years of begging for a harp!!


started learning harp


delighted to be accepted to study harp at university level


make or break time, struggled a lot with the first two years of university. Felt like a fish out of water - everyone around me had been learning since single digit age.

It was time to either give up, or work seriously hard…


graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama with a first class honours BA in Traditional music and Scottish harp


achieved distinction in PGDip Harp Performance Studies


Forging a career for myself. I began touring, playing solo gigs - anything and everything I could! I was lucky to travel round Europe, America and Canada performing and teaching.

I also began building my harp school. Having offered some lessons through university I began to develop my teaching skills and studied a variety of music teaching approaches including Suzuki, Kodàly and Orf Schulwerk.


Accepted a position teaching harp at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland


Top Floor Taivers is formed! I enjoy some wonderful years with these ladies - Tina on keys, Claire on vocals and Grainne on fiddle. The band tour Scotland and Europe over the next 7 years.


Finalist in the BBC Young Traditional Musician of the year.

I work as part of a team to develop a number teaching modules at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.


Teaching is becoming more and more exciting and I find my focus drawn to this area more than ever.

I’m invited as a teacher trainer to a number of events across the UK and Europe and I love these exciting new opportunities.


Top Floor Taivers release album ‘Delecate Game’

I launch my first online teaching course ‘Technique Tuesday’


My debut solo album ‘Nae Sweets For Shy Bairns’ is released.


My online teaching grows and I launch the Harp Scotland membership. The focus being on teaching students the background and context or the traditional music alongside the music itself.

My focus becomes a desire to being expert teaching to more, making it accessible to as many harpists as possible.

I run my first Christmas Harp Collaboration.


I am accepted into a Masters of Education course focussed on teaching the arts.

I lead ‘The Teaching Musician’ module for traditional music at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.


I am delighted to be invited to give a presentation on teaching at the World Harp Congress.

I take the position of principal Scottish harp tutor at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

My How To Harp Harmony course is launched.


I learn how to time warp!! He he….

Watch this space for the new ‘How To Harp’ membership bringing excellent technique, tunes, lives and more!

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