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Friends From Afar

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I am coming to you from a hotel room in Norway!

I have had the most wonderful few days here performing and teaching, and as I reflect I find myself so grateful for the people I have met because of music.

This long weekend I have stayed with good friends. Friends who I have one ever met in person once before now, and yet are now some of the most dearest to me. Friends who organised a concert for me, from afar, and asked nothing in return. Friends who welcomed me into their home and shared with me during my stay. Friends who shared music, food, warmth and stories. Friends who I will be forever grateful for.

Without music, these are people I would never have had the pleasure of meeting. And it is music which gives us this common bond and connects us. In reality we hardly know each other. And yet, we know so much at the same time. We share so much.

It isn’t a long letter to you all today, but just sharing in the joy and honour of music friendships, as it is also how I have gotten to know all of you! And for that I am also so grateful!

So, look around you, what a wonderful music community we have, and how lucky we are to share together.

Thank you all for being here with me.

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