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Little Did I Know…The Importance of Community for All Harpists

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Aren’t plans a funny old thing in life sometimes?!  I was planning lots of new and exciting things for my How To Harp Membership during the last few months of 2022.

I asked myself, what will really help the learners?  How can I make sure they are supported?  I want them to know each and every one is heard and important.

I decided to create learning pods.  A place where the students could feel safe to share and so that as the membership grows, people weren’t lost in a crowd.  These pods would be a community for the learners to ensure they were supported and getting what they needed.

I asked trusted harpers who I have met over the last few years to lead these pods.  To make sure the learners in their pods knew where to find things, could ask questions and to help, support and facilitate.

The pod leaders would have a pod to, so they were supporting each other and they too had fellowship and community.

I thought this set up would bring great opportunities for all the members of How To Harp, and for the pod leaders!  Everyone would be growing and benefiting.

And that’s exactly what is happening.  It is beautiful to see.

But something else happened.  Something I hadn’t thought of or predicted.

I found support.  I found community.  I found help. 

Little did I know it was exactly what I needed!

Isn’t if funny when you plan something out to give people what you think will be a great experience.  What you think they need.  And what happens is you find exactly what you didn’t know you needed!

So, what do those around you need?  How could you support them and lift them up?

You might just find exactly what you don’t know you need!

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