Nae Sweets for Shy Bairns


by Heather Downie

Heather’s debut solo album released January 2018.

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Heather’s debut solo album released January 2018.  The album features solo acoustic harp, electro harp, percussion, guitar and voice.  Tia Files and Corrina Hewat join Heather on a number of tracks.
From the intricate lever work on the opening track ‘For The Love of Levers’ to the delicate rendition of the classic ‘Neil Gow’s Lament’, there is something on this album for everyone.
‘Her skill and dexterity on this instrument are obvious from the first notes of her debut CD, as is her evident relish in a spikier, more feisty style of playing…this is both an impressive debut and a refreshingly different harp-based album.’
David Kidman, Stirrings Magazine.
‘There is almost nothing predictable about this CD: it will open your eyes and amaze your ears.  A must-have for all harp fans.’
Alex Monaghan, The Living Tradition.
Recorded in Castlesound Studios
Produced by Corrina Hewat