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Heather's membership is really one of a kind, it's very different to others:

Learning technique (all included in the membership) with Heather is a joy instead of a burden. Her videos are the highest quality of teaching (you learn from the principal of the conservatoire of Glasgow!), and you feel you are practicing with a special friend.

The membership provides all songs in video lessons in 3(!) levels, for only one monthly membership price. That is amazing: you can start a song at your current level and as you learn, you can climb up a level for the whole song, or add "bits and bites" from the next level, whenever you are ready for it. This way your songs will develop fast and steady, just as you do!😁

Before I was in Heather's membership I was learning only songs.  Now, with Heather, I learn how to be a better harpist, and I learn more and much faster than I could ever dream of.  I play more and more and have so much fun!

Thanks SO much Heather!!🥰

Karin Den Rooijen

The Netherlands

I would highly recommend the How to Harp Harmony course for both beginner level harpists like myself as well as more advanced harpists who want a better understanding of music theory and why we play certain harmonies or left hand accompaniments with our melody lines. It will also allow you to break down and understand- and rewrite music to suit your needs or the needs of your harp. I felt confident writing my own arrangement for Dances with Wolves that I am really thrilled about after only completing half of this course. And it is far better and was far easier than the first time I adapted music for my smaller harps. I feel I have a much more solid understanding of how music and harmony works.

I really like how Heather showed us how to approach music as a beginner but also gave more advanced students a lot to digest as well. This is a course I will return to many times as I progress and learn to play more and to play at a higher skill level. There will be more to learn from it. I am so excited to have the tools to make arrangements for myself! It is very freeing and liberating to know I can make a song MINE if another arranger has a too complicated left hand OR a too easy left hand. And I can adapt my own arrangements as I grow. This is freedom to express myself and not someone else!

The warm ups gave me wings to stretch my techniques too and already I know I will progress so much from what I have learned in How to Harp Harmony and what I will learn as I join How to Harp's monthly subscription. I am looking forward to the leaps and bounds my skill levels will continue to take as I journey on with Heather in How to Harp.

Kristen Barry


This year I came across Heather Downie by word of mouth and heard she was a good teacher, so have tried one or two of her online courses and I am not disappointed! Heather is a delight and inspiring. Even her dogs enjoy her sessions and pad along to her music. Heather is thorough and takes things slowly and methodically yet covers a lot
of ground at the same time. Her classes are relaxing, and she reaches out to anyone needing help. Her courses are recorded so there is an opportunity to listen again to the sessions. She is patient, caring and keen to ensure students have fun and achieve their goals.

There is also a Harp Community where her students can raise questions and help each other. I enjoy interacting with and learning from players from all over the world, different backgrounds and stages.

Thank you, Heather!

Karen Berry

United Kingdom

Heather has made my harp journey so much more meaningful. Being self taught with many gaps in music theory, Heather's course didn’t leave out a beat. She leaves no stone unturned and treats each student as if they were the only one. It almost feels like cheating when you leave a class with everything you need to progress and a friend that smiles you through your lessons.

Connie Lo Porto


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