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A Quick Chat and A Big Thanks!

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First off, I want to say how touched I was with the emails and messages I received after my last email.  Writing it was a bit of a journey for me, and your messages truly brightened some challenging days.

After hitting send, I noticed a couple of grammar mistakes that slipped through the cracks.  I had just been talking about being kinder to myself and not being perfect…..but then preceded to beat myself up about the mistakes.

What turned things around was the flood of messages I received.  Your words of support, love, and understanding meant the world to me.  It’s remarkable how a simple reply can lift someone’s spirits, and I genuinely appreciate each one.

This week, the chaos continues, but I’m handling it better.  Deadlines are looming, projects are in full swing, but somehow, the big problems from last week seem like much smaller problems now.  Isn’t it funny how perspective can change with a bit of time?

We don’t do Thanksgiving over here but even amidst the hustle, I’ve been taking a moment to count my blessings.  A supportive and fun husband, a healthy and happy family, a career that’s more than just a job—it’s a passion.  And of course, my furry companions, the dogs!  There’s so much to be thankful for.  The negativity from last week seems insignificant compared to all the positive things in my life.

If you’re navigating a tough patch, remember, it’s okay not to feel amazing every day.  Life throws challenges sometimes, and it’s perfectly normal not to be perfect.  Mistakes happen.  Just like in harping, imperfections are part of the melody, and that’s more than okay.

Let’s continue this journey together, embracing the highs and lows, and remembering that kindness, especially to ourselves, goes a long way.

Wishing you a harmonious week ahead!

Oh, and for those taking part in the Xmas Collaboration… is due on the 3rd, this Sunday!!  And remember…..IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT!!  Just do your best and send in a video!!

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