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All The Little Things

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It most certainly is a busy weekend!

Christmas Harp Collaboration videos are due in today!  Which means much downloading, labeling and organising here.  This is my third year running the collaboration so I’ve got it down to a fine art…

Download video.
Put name and part in the submission spreadsheet.
Resize video (this step is super important to stop my computer crashing because of lack of storage…hard lesson learned!)
Put video in correct folder.

If I don’t follow this process now, I will have a nightmare on my hands later, as I try and organise people to be on the screen when they are playing and when they look fairly happy!  he he!

So many important little steps that need to come together to give an easier journey and a better outcome.

Like so many other things in life – harp learning for one!  Keeping organised, remembering the little things.  Getting everything in line and ready.  Playing anything takes so many small, but equally important little steps coming together to give the end result.

And if these steps are skipped?  The result is just not satisfying.  Or you are giving yourself a much much harder time in the long run.  

Just like ensuring the Christmas videos are labelled and resized as soon as they come in.

So, don’t skip those little things thinking you will get to where you want to be quicker.  Enjoy the detail of getting everything in it’s place.  Enjoy the feeling of ticking all those little steps off as you go along.  And finally, enjoy getting there too!

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