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Communication is Key

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Hi Harpers,

I know I have written about this before…but it is just such an important one and it is something that has been in my heart and my mind this week.

I had someone contact me this week, asking to bring back their rental harp.  She felt she was letting her harp down because she wasn’t playing enough.

We can all relate right?

I was sad, not becuase a rental harp was potentially coming back, but becuase she felt unworthy of keeping the harp.  After a short conversation she decided to keep the harp for a little longer and see how she feels…she will be reading this…I am glad you have made that decision!

What struck me was as we got talking, I realised she was doing it all on her own.  Unusual work shifts had left her solo harping with no support network or community to share the highs and lows and to pick her up when she needed.

And so I take the time to once again thank you.  Because whilst I share and try and help you all.  I try to celebrate the highs with you and support you through the lows. You also do the same for me.  In fact some firm, lifetime friendships have been formed for me through the How To Harp Community.  And for that I am so thankful!

It can sometimes feel like we are out on our own, especially when things are hard.  It can be easy to think you are the only one who has felt like giving up, like handing your harp back because it deserves better.  Even when you are part of a community it can feel that way.

I hope you know lots of us have felt that way, and do now!  Myself included.  Gosh when I was in second year at university I nearly failed everything, I was so ready to give up the harp entirely.

I am here to help you if you feel this way.  I am also here to share in your joy, and I am here on those days that are neither high, nor low.  The ones that are just, meh.

And I am so grateful to know that you are all out there too.

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