Harp Bazaar

Harp Bazaar is everything harp!  Currently run by Heather Downie and Pippa Ried-Foster, Harp Bazaar provides workshops, teaching, rental, agency, shop and much more all based around the harp.  Visit Harp Bazaar for more details.

Top Floor Taivers

Top Floor Taivers are a young and fresh Glasgow based band performing traditional and contemporary Scottish songs and tunes. Coming from Scotland, England and Ireland , Top Floor Taivers combine stunning vocals with piano, fiddle and clarsach to create unique arrangements of traditional folk songs and tunes as well as their own compositions. The song based four-piece collaborated whilst all living in Glasgow in 2013 and have since recorded their debut EP in 2014.

Claire Hastings – voice
Heather Downie – harp
Tina Jordan Rees – piano
Grainne Brady – fiddle

The Song of the Oak and Ivy

A new creation by the wonderful Corrina Hewat to mark the 30th anniversary of the Edinburgh International Harp Festival. The piece is inspired by a tale of the Oak and Ivy in the forest, one supporting the other. Other harp players involved are Wendy Stewart, Mary MacMaster, Bill Taylor, Tristan Le Govic, myself and of course Corrina Hewat the composer.