Free Christmas Harp Collaboration
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A Joyous Email!

It’s been a tough old time…losing my little shadow and soul dog Gypsy, a busy time in the last week at the...

Kind Concern

The Christmas Collaboration 2023 is in full swing with lots of live events and questions.  I love it though, you know I...

Journaling for Musicians

After leading the goal setting session in the How To Harp Membership, I have been reflecting on reflection! Journaling is such a...


Hi Harpers! How often do you listen? It seems like a funny question to ask doesn’t it?  We all love music, we...

Goals Goals Goals

Hi Harpers, I am not refering to the world cup… Goal setting is an important tool that can help you achieve your...

Communication is Key

Hi Harpers, I know I have written about this before…but it is just such an important one and it is something that...

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